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'Dragon Brew Supply'

We are open for business!

Dragon Brew Supply now taking orders by phone!

Call us four or five days ahead of your brew day, and give us your shopping list. We'll take your order over the phone and charge your credit card, then pull all the ingredients together and set them aside for you, and all you'll need to do is swing by and pick them up!

The Dragon Brew Supply Mission: Make every brew day a smooth and hassle-free day.

Lets face like brewing. We like brewing. Your time is valuable...we all have had at least one experience in our journey where you were short an ingredient, or you had a brew day planned and found a busted hydrometer, thermometer, or other tool. And we've all wished to have a LOCAL shop where we could just make a quick run and salvage the day. A shop where the prices are reasonable, where the guy behind the counter speaks your language. A shop where other homebrewers hang out, share recipes, and give each other pointers and secrets to make great brews.

When I started brewing, I was surprised to find that the only brew supply shop was almost 45 minutes away. And their hours meant that I would have to leave work early just to get a couple of ingredients. So I set myself to bringing brewing supplies in to my already-established store, staying open until 7:30 at night so that my fellow homebrewers wouldn't need to leave work early or dash over to get here before closing.

Brew day shouldn't be should be relaxing. It should be fun. Let us do the worrying.

Relax...have a homebrew!

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